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Come to My World Collection

The Sezelle team is happy to announce the launch of our new design collection "Come to my world"! This project is the result of many fashion and textile studies, design monitoring and months of hard work. All dresses are designed with ambition, produced with loyalty and presented with love. This year our woman is creating her own world by her taste. Contrary to all established norms and ideals, she is determined, she knows what she wants, how to achieve it and why. She relies on her inner strength to create a new fairytale world, where she is the main character.


The collection consists of 3 series: Petite, Chic and Haute (Luxe) Edition distributed according to the complexity of the model, materials, workmanship and budget.

Colors: Each model is made in one prime color, but can be made in another color of the customer's choice. Upon request, cartels of all colors will be provided with a personal message. They can serve as a guide when choosing a color, but should not limit you. Every shade you are looking for is important to us and we would be happy to deliver it.

Measures: The premiere size with which our model poses corresponds to sizes S-M. Anastasia measures 90-65-90 and is 176 cm tall. Each dress is made only to order, personalized with your personal measurements. When you decide to order, we will share with you a list to fill in with the necessary measurements for the specific model. Our standard production takes 3-6 weeks, but may vary according to the atelier schedule. If your occasion is earlier, you can always contact us to see what we can do to fit you into our schedule.

Adjustments: All models allow changes and adjustments that we will be happy to make for you. With or without straps, with a slit or two, a shorter or longer version of a model, the addition of padding, etc .. These are just a few of the adjustments for which our atelier will assist you completely free of charge.

Combinations: This year, almost all models are made as a whole dress, but according to your requirements can be made of two or more parts that look like a whole dress. This gives you the opportunity to easily combine with other pieces from your wardrobe, as well as to transform the long ball gown into a cocktail dress for the afterparty.

Accessories: In 2020 in Sezelle we launched the Prom All Inclusive campaign, which allows our customers to take advantage not only of our fabulous dresses, but also of the right accessories for them. Our consultants offer different models of shoes and bags suitable for the dress you have chosen. And if you already have a specific model in mind, but can't find it, we find it for you.

Jewelry: With a variety of colleagues in this industry, we can fulfill your every wish. The right earrings, necklace, tiara, crown are just some of what we can offer for your overall look.

Authenticity certificate: We certainly care about making you feel unique and irresistible at the Prom. Each order of Sezelle dress has generated a unique 9-digit code that fits in the certificate of the customer's name and duplicate dresses in the same high school is not possible.

Petite Edition:

The party starts when I arrive! Our Petite series consists of mini and midi models, suitable for any occasion and budget. Dresses that can be worn after Prom and at a friend's wedding, christening, birthday, party.

The selected fine fabrics we used in this category are brocade organza, American satin, velvet with sequins, polyester fine jersey, brocade tulle, fine Italian tulle, embroidered with sequins tulle, com tulle and accessories from high quality artificial feathers.

Chic Edition:

Parade of the moderate chic! This series offers models made of selected fabrics with delicate accents and exquisite notes. It consists of elegant dresses with various silhouette lines and fine decorative elements with emphasizing brilliance.

The premium fabrics we have chosen for you in this category are embroidered with sequins velvet, elastic satin, woven lace, brocade tulle, American satin, elastic jersey, embossed Venetian lace, fine Italian tulle, embossed 3D lace and accessories made of high quality artificial feathers and accessories, glittering crystals.

Haute (Luxe) Edition:

As Natalie Wynn said: "Luxury is not in abundance, but in the aesthetics of abundance."

Made of first-class luxury fabrics and materials, this series offers splendor and brilliance.

After weeks of handwork we made these masterpieces from hand-decorated luxury 3D lace, fine American satin, fine brocade tulle, delicate crystal-encrusted tulle, embossed embroidered lace, brocade tulle, fine elastic tulle and two-dimensional accessories, glittering crystals.

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